Monday, July 7, 2008

Paisley Blair

Shelley had her beautiful baby GIRL yesterday. She weighed 7lbs. 13 oz.

Not the best picture of me, but our 2 hour trip home from Heber turned into 4 hours because of traffic.

I love the little tongue so cute.

The only sad part about this is not having our Mom around to celebrate with. Mom I am giving Paisley lots of kisses for you and wispering in her ear how much you love her.
Congratulation Shell and Rusty she is beautiful!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Last week we went to Oceanside with the Tucker's. We do this every year and always have so much fun. We have the traditional walk every morning. Then we go to the beach and usually out to dinner at night. We all love the beach and we are so sad to be home.

This is the girls on the little puting green just outside our room.

Here are the boys aren't they hansome.

Lana brought everyone out popsicles one day. Perfect for a hot day on the beach.

Here is everyone on the pier. You can't really tell, but there was so much fog. It was so crazy. Look at Nat's hair it looks like it is wet. It wasn't wet before we left it was just from all the humidity in the air. Everyone elses hair is like that too you can just see it better at the bottom of Nat's hair. It was Crazy!

This is also on one of our walks. The whole fam.

The funny guy

We always knew Brodee would funny ever since he was little. He would make this face. We would call it the funny face and when we told his to do the funny face he would amuse us and do it. So here is another funny from Brodee.
We were at Grandpa's house swimming with cousins. Brodee had gotten out of the pool and was shivering in a towel when Grandpa said
"Brod why don't you go lay in the sun and get warm."

Brodee then goes and lays down on the cool deck.

Then Grandpa says "Brod why don't you lay on the chase lounge"

Brodee goes and lays on it.

Then Grandpa says "Hey Brod how do you like it"

Brodee says "I gotta get me one of these."

He comes up with the funniest things. We love you Brod!!!

To the best husband I could ask for

Thanks Ryan for making it such a wonderful month. I don't know how you will ever be able to top this one. You put so much time and effort into making Mother's Day and my Birthday so great. I am so lucky to have you as my husband. I love you!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Brag time

I know this has taken me so long to post but I am finally doing it. I really have the most wonderful husband in the world.

For Mothers Day he surprised me and got me a Bosch. I have been wanting one for a long time. It was a total surprise and I was so excited I used it the next day.

Then the next weekend he surprised me and took Friday off of work and arranged for our amazing friends ( the Payne's) to watch our kids and we went to Scottsdale and stayed at one of our favorite resorts and did lots of shopping and eating.

Then on Saturday before my birthday he threw a surprise Birthday Party for me. I did know something was going on but I had no idea how big it was.

These are my amazing sister in laws that help Ryan with the party. They helped so much with the invites and food and games. I am so lucky to have such a great family. Thanks for all your help Lana Holly and Rach.

You can see on my face how shocked I am.

This is my brother James and my sister Shelley. Thanks for coming and bringing the yummy salsa and Rice crispy ice cream. (my favorite)

This picture doesn't even do it justice. Our house was soooo hot because there were so many people there. I am just so lucky to have such wonderful friends and neighbors who came to help me celebrate. Thanks to all you who came and made my birthday so much fun and memorable.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Emma Shelley Blair

Yesterday would have been Emma's 4th Birthday. So I just wanted to post some pics I have of her and somethings we remember about sweet little Emma.

Emma always had the cutest little smile.

Emma was so good with her passy. She always had it on the little ribbon so she could find it easy. She would grab the ribbon and slide her hand down to the passy so quick. It was the cutest thing.

Hallie always wanted to hold Emma but because of her condition she only got to hold her once. Both of them loved every minute of it.

Emma loved all the kids she would get a huge smile and start waving her arms when she saw any of the kids.

Brodee loved Emma but he couldn't get too close to her to often. You can see she loved him too as she leans in for him to give her a kiss.

My favorite memory of her is at church. When we would walk in to Sacrament Meeting she would see us and get the hugest smile on her face and stick her hand up in the air and wave to us. I loved that. Our first Sunday after she passed I walked in and saw Shelley and Rusty and broke into tears because I didn't see Emmas bright shine face and her little hand waving around at us. We had the great opportunity to spend alot of time with Emma and Shelley because they just lived down the street and I am so greatful for the time she spent with us. She just had the sweetest little spirit. I can't wait to see her again. I just pray that all the people I love will remember her and try harder everyday so that we all can be with her ,and all the other loved ones we have, again.

Thanks Shelley and Rusty for bringing her sweet little spirit into the world that touched so many lives.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Clean Car

The other day I was vacuming out the suburban and Brodde wanted to help. So I let hin help me. He did such a good job. I few days later we were in the car taking Porter to basketball practice. Porter was eating ers and Porter is not a very neat eater crumbs usually end up all over. As he was eating Brodee said "Porter stop dropping crumbs every where I just cleaned this car." I was in heaven. I wished all my kids would realize that it would make my life alot easier.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Porter

Today was Porter's bithday. All he wanted for his birthday was to go to a suns game. So Ryan took him to the game last night they had so much fun.

Porter is such a great kid. He already has such great integraty. Porter knows he is not to watch PG-13 movies. A few years ago he watched part of one at a friends house and I found out about it. We had a talk and he has never watch one since. He will go to a friends house and they will want to watch a movie and his first question is "is it PG-13?" I even had a babysitter one time put one on and he stayed inthe other room and told her he couldn't watch it because it was PG-13. I have had friend call me and tell me that he refused to watch a movie because it was PG-13. I am so greatful for him and his desire to make good choices. Thanks for being a GREAT son and a wonderful example to your yonger brother and sisters. I love you Porter!

P.S. for some reason it is not letting me put pics in righ now so pics to come soon!

Fix me

The other day at arobics Brodee had a little melt down. I have found recently that the best way to get through to him is to sit down and reason with him. I sat down with him and dtarted to talk to him. I then said "what am I going to do with you" (which I should have never said) and he said to me "just throw me in the trash can" I felt horrible. I told him I didn't want to throw him in the trash can I just didn't like his actions sometimes. I talked to him a little longer when he took my hand and put it on his back and said to me "fix me" As I tried to hold back the tears I realized he didn't like to get into trouble just as much as I liked him to make bad choices. How do you help your kids have self control and with stand the temptations to make bad choices at this age? When I tell him not to get in the mud to be able to control himself no matter how fun it would be to squish his finger through that mud. Right now it is mud but in a few years it will be much scarier things I am trying to keep him away from. As I have thought about this the last few days and as I have listened to parenting talks and talked to friends I came to the realization that I need to build him up more. I need to focus on the posative instead of the negative all the time. All he hears from me is don't do that don't get into that, why did you do that. I need to praise him and tell him all the good things that he does and help him have the confidence to know that he can make better choices. Not only with him but all my kids. I focus way too much on the negative instead of the posative. So my new goal is to uplift my kids, praise them for all the good things that they do instead of nit picking all the bad or not so good things they do. I just pray that it will help me be a better parent. It is so scary to be a mom. Maybe this will help "FIX ME".

Monday, January 7, 2008

Darth Vader

Brodee found this old picture of our family and colored it. When I asked why he did it He said to me I just wanted to be Darth Vader. He comes up with the best excuses so he doesn't get in trouble.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Hallie

Today is Hallie's 7th Birthday. This in this morning her Birthday breakfast request was waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. She is such a great daughter she is always willing to help out with whatever I need. She loves her friends and has so many because she is so nice to everyone. Last year her teacher told me that she was one of the popular girls at school, because she is so nice to everyone so everyone wants to be her friend. She is a great big and little sister. Her teacher last year wrote in one of her report cards Hallie is like Mary Poppins Practically Perfect in every way. We love our Hallie Girl. Hope you have a great Birthday.

Family Pics

The day before Family Pics the nurse at Hallie's school called me and told me Hallie had fallen of the slide and got a little scrap in her face. She didn't want to come home she just wanted to go back to class. So when she got home and I saw her "little scratch" I was so sad because we had family pics the next day with my whole family before my parents leave on the mission. Hallie was so sad too. She cried and said I don't want to take pictures tomorrow. She is still so cute with the scratch though.

This is Porter and his two cousins Trey and Kyle. I love this pic of Porter you can see what a cute little personality he has.

I loved this pic but Ryan didn't like the cracker in Ashlyn's mouth.

And this is the one we sent out on our Christmas Card. I will put up some more of my whole family when I get them.


Grandma Tucker and Ashlyn.

All of Ryan's family came out for Thanksgiving except Nat and Dave who were back east with Dave's Family.

Lana brought out these fun Thanksgiving treats for the kids to make. Thanks Lana the kids had so much fun with them.