Monday, January 7, 2008

Darth Vader

Brodee found this old picture of our family and colored it. When I asked why he did it He said to me I just wanted to be Darth Vader. He comes up with the best excuses so he doesn't get in trouble.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Hallie

Today is Hallie's 7th Birthday. This in this morning her Birthday breakfast request was waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. She is such a great daughter she is always willing to help out with whatever I need. She loves her friends and has so many because she is so nice to everyone. Last year her teacher told me that she was one of the popular girls at school, because she is so nice to everyone so everyone wants to be her friend. She is a great big and little sister. Her teacher last year wrote in one of her report cards Hallie is like Mary Poppins Practically Perfect in every way. We love our Hallie Girl. Hope you have a great Birthday.

Family Pics

The day before Family Pics the nurse at Hallie's school called me and told me Hallie had fallen of the slide and got a little scrap in her face. She didn't want to come home she just wanted to go back to class. So when she got home and I saw her "little scratch" I was so sad because we had family pics the next day with my whole family before my parents leave on the mission. Hallie was so sad too. She cried and said I don't want to take pictures tomorrow. She is still so cute with the scratch though.

This is Porter and his two cousins Trey and Kyle. I love this pic of Porter you can see what a cute little personality he has.

I loved this pic but Ryan didn't like the cracker in Ashlyn's mouth.

And this is the one we sent out on our Christmas Card. I will put up some more of my whole family when I get them.


Grandma Tucker and Ashlyn.

All of Ryan's family came out for Thanksgiving except Nat and Dave who were back east with Dave's Family.

Lana brought out these fun Thanksgiving treats for the kids to make. Thanks Lana the kids had so much fun with them.