Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great family!

I wanted to share with you some pictures of our family. We have a great family!! We all get along and have a great time when were together. There are nine grandkids total in the family so it is starting to get louder when we are together under one roof. My parents still live in the house we grew up in and we all live within 30 minutes of their house. Grandpa and grandma enjoy when we visit and sometimes they enjoy when we leave if the grandkids are running crazy!!

The whole Tucker family, everyone is there!!

Rach and Brett

Ryan and Holly

Natalie and Dave

Jen and Ryan

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Porter!!

Happy Birthday Porter!! Porter's birthday is tomorrow, March 2nd, he will be ten years old. Porter is a great kid to have in our family, he is obedient and takes pride in being the oldest. I can't believe that ten years ago we were having our first kid, how time flies!! Let us share with some good things to know about Porter:

1. He is named after Ryan's mission companion, Dan Porter

2. He was my longest labor before he was born, about 15 hours!!

3. He loves legos and can build about anything

4. He loves his cousins, ecspecially the boys around his age

5. He s cheese but he loves cheese crisp for lunch

6. He is very organized and knows every toy that is his, down to the smallest lego

7. He is a great student at school and does very well in math like his dad and grandpa

8. He has an excellent memory

9. He loves basketball and his favorite player is Steve Nash

10. He loves to tease his sister Hallie

11. He fell out of Grandpa Flake's truck and had to get stiches on his 1st birthday

Porter and his cousin Tucker

At the beach in Cali, Porter loves the beach!

That was a good chocolate strawberry

Coach and son during Little League


New legos for Christmas 2007

My new suit for Christmas 2007

First day of 2nd grade

Scout day camp

I am the leader over the 11 year old scouts in the ward and recently we had a day camp. The boys did a great job!! I have a wonderful group of boys and they all are eager to learn in scouting. 11 year old is a fun age because they are still excited to learn new things and look forward to the troop meetings each week. Porter is 10 years old so he will be in my troop next year.

Grant Driggs and Kaden Fulps

Ammon Davis

Coda McLaws

The Rattlesnakes: Troop 136


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hallie's baptism and snow trip

I know it is hard to believe but the Tucker's are blogging again!! It has been a while since our last post so I am sure you are all in shock to see a new post. We are not going to back track all the way to last July but we will start with the new year of 2009!

Hallie was baptized on January 17th and it was a great day for her. She was so excited to get baptized and looked beautiful in her baptism dress. Hallie always has a smile on her face and makes friends with everyone she comes in contact with. The day was special for Hallie and we are excited she made the decision to be baptized.

After the baptism, we headed up to Show Low to stay at the Tucker's cabin. We wanted to enjoy the three day weekend and the snow. The kids loved the snow!! We went sledding at a golf course nearby and everyone had a great time. Rachel and Brett were there with their kids. It is so nice to get away once and a while and enjoy a family trip with the kids.

Hallie and Ashlyn, her we go!!

The whole family in the snow, we had a great time

Jen and Ryan, 11 years together!

Porter just wiped out in the snow

Brodee on the sled down the hill

Hallie with her Grandma and Grandpa Tucker

Jen made the dress for the baptism, what a talent!

Porter, Hallie, Brodee, and Ashlyn

Hallie and her dad in their baptism clothes

Hallie and her dad on her special day!

Hallie, her mom, and Ashlyn...the three cutest girls!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Paisley Blair

Shelley had her beautiful baby GIRL yesterday. She weighed 7lbs. 13 oz.

Not the best picture of me, but our 2 hour trip home from Heber turned into 4 hours because of traffic.

I love the little tongue so cute.

The only sad part about this is not having our Mom around to celebrate with. Mom I am giving Paisley lots of kisses for you and wispering in her ear how much you love her.
Congratulation Shell and Rusty she is beautiful!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Last week we went to Oceanside with the Tucker's. We do this every year and always have so much fun. We have the traditional walk every morning. Then we go to the beach and usually out to dinner at night. We all love the beach and we are so sad to be home.

This is the girls on the little puting green just outside our room.

Here are the boys aren't they hansome.

Lana brought everyone out popsicles one day. Perfect for a hot day on the beach.

Here is everyone on the pier. You can't really tell, but there was so much fog. It was so crazy. Look at Nat's hair it looks like it is wet. It wasn't wet before we left it was just from all the humidity in the air. Everyone elses hair is like that too you can just see it better at the bottom of Nat's hair. It was Crazy!

This is also on one of our walks. The whole fam.

The funny guy

We always knew Brodee would funny ever since he was little. He would make this face. We would call it the funny face and when we told his to do the funny face he would amuse us and do it. So here is another funny from Brodee.
We were at Grandpa's house swimming with cousins. Brodee had gotten out of the pool and was shivering in a towel when Grandpa said
"Brod why don't you go lay in the sun and get warm."

Brodee then goes and lays down on the cool deck.

Then Grandpa says "Brod why don't you lay on the chase lounge"

Brodee goes and lays on it.

Then Grandpa says "Hey Brod how do you like it"

Brodee says "I gotta get me one of these."

He comes up with the funniest things. We love you Brod!!!