Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Last week we went to Oceanside with the Tucker's. We do this every year and always have so much fun. We have the traditional walk every morning. Then we go to the beach and usually out to dinner at night. We all love the beach and we are so sad to be home.

This is the girls on the little puting green just outside our room.

Here are the boys aren't they hansome.

Lana brought everyone out popsicles one day. Perfect for a hot day on the beach.

Here is everyone on the pier. You can't really tell, but there was so much fog. It was so crazy. Look at Nat's hair it looks like it is wet. It wasn't wet before we left it was just from all the humidity in the air. Everyone elses hair is like that too you can just see it better at the bottom of Nat's hair. It was Crazy!

This is also on one of our walks. The whole fam.


Nancy said...

Jen don't you just love California and hate to leave. I do. You bet you can come get some ice. I really do mean it. Anytime. If your having a party(you don't have to invites us.lol), or a church activity. Please just let me know. I even have real ice bags.

Lana and Terry said...

I am so excited to see your updated blog! All of the pics of Calif. were great, plus the pics of your birthday party. Both were so much fun!! I have to agree that your husband (our only son) is truly a super guy. He also always remembers all of our birthdays and makes sure he calls us. That is pretty good for a guy! And I love that Brodee guy -- He is so cute and has the most amazing sense of humor! He keeps us all on our toes. All the grand kids are so fun and I wish we were back in Calif. It went way too fast!! Thanks again for the update:)

Ryan and Holly Gibb said...

Love the updates, Jen! I'm still coming out of my depression after leaving Cali. I'm looking forward to our cabin getaway this weekend! I never heard that story about Brod. He is a crack up! And yes, props to Ryan on throwing you a fun bday party. I'm jealous of your bosch:)

Blair Family said...

Love the pictures and I really love that story of Brodee. I can't wait till my kids say funny things like that.

juliette said...

Too bad- so sad we didn't get together! Your fam is adorable and I love the picture of Brody, he is a funny guy!