Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Porter!!

Happy Birthday Porter!! Porter's birthday is tomorrow, March 2nd, he will be ten years old. Porter is a great kid to have in our family, he is obedient and takes pride in being the oldest. I can't believe that ten years ago we were having our first kid, how time flies!! Let us share with some good things to know about Porter:

1. He is named after Ryan's mission companion, Dan Porter

2. He was my longest labor before he was born, about 15 hours!!

3. He loves legos and can build about anything

4. He loves his cousins, ecspecially the boys around his age

5. He s cheese but he loves cheese crisp for lunch

6. He is very organized and knows every toy that is his, down to the smallest lego

7. He is a great student at school and does very well in math like his dad and grandpa

8. He has an excellent memory

9. He loves basketball and his favorite player is Steve Nash

10. He loves to tease his sister Hallie

11. He fell out of Grandpa Flake's truck and had to get stiches on his 1st birthday

Porter and his cousin Tucker

At the beach in Cali, Porter loves the beach!

That was a good chocolate strawberry

Coach and son during Little League


New legos for Christmas 2007

My new suit for Christmas 2007

First day of 2nd grade


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Port!! We love you so much! You are the perfect oldest boy cousin and set a good example for the younger kids. You are so handsome and smart with a great sense of humor!! You are always fun to be around. We hope you have a fun birthday!! Love you.

dave and natalie said...

Porter I can't believe you are 10! Wow you and Emmy are the oldest but seems like you were just born. Man you are lookin so handsome in those suits. We hope you have a great birthday today! You are such a fun newphew and always in a good mood. Keep up the good work Port! Lots of love...

Lana and Terry said...

I'm so excited that you guys are updating your blog and especially for my special oldest grandson, Porter! I hope you had an awesome birthday, because you are truly an awesome boy. We are so proud of you and especially so glad that you are such a kind boy and great example to everyone around you. What a handsome guy you are esp. in that new suit of yours. We sure love you tons!! G-ma and G-pa T.